Advantages of Working with a Professional Realtor


The sale of Real Estate is a complex business with many factors to consider; hence, there are countless benefits to utilizing the professional advice of a Real Estate Agent. We, as professional realtors have the experience and knowledge to deal effectively with these often complex and intimidating details in selling your home.  We have the resources, networks and skills, which are critical in guiding you smoothly through the process.


Setting a Price

Equipped with MLS® data and experience, we are able to assist you in setting a fair and accurate price for your home, maximizing the likelihood of serious offers, while minimizing the amount of time required to attract an acceptable offer.


Getting Buyers to Notice

We are able to offer many suggestions for marketing your home in the best light from a buyer’s perspective.

In addition, we also offer a comprehensive marketing plan to maximize the exposure of your home.


Bringing Potential Buyers into Your Home

We will be present for all showings to ensure your security and effectively market your home.


Closing the Deal

Negotiation requires experienced representation; we will offer professional advice and will guide you through the entire process.


Post – Sale Details

When your home is sold on paper, there are still many details that must be dealt with.  We will communicate with you and work with the cooperating agent to ensure every detail from accepted offer through inspection and appraisal to binding contract is in place. Every effort will be made for a smooth and successful completion.