Tom Jone B&W Tom Jones

I am guessing that most of you reading this are familiar with the singer Tom Jones. To answer your questions in advance – No, I am not related, and no I don’t sing . . . . .

Before getting involved in Real Estate I spent over 25 years in the music industry. I was primarily involved in sales, marketing and management, and the parallels of sharing a name and an industry with a famous singer was more than enough to leverage gentle ribbing, silly misunderstandings and above all, humour from my colleagues.

Transferring the numerous skills I developed in the music industry to a career in Real Estate has helped me become a skilled and efficient realtor. Having a name that is hard to forget has made me a busy realtor. I have a simple philosophy when I am working with my clients to purchase or sell a home . . . Passion, Commitment, Perseverance