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You’re probably familiar with the famous singer, Tom Jones. To answer your question in advance, no, I’m not related and no, I don’t sing—though I did start my career in customer service, sales and management with 25 years in the music industry.

When I moved into real estate, I transferred all the skills and experience I’d gained into that profession. My work ethic,  management abilities and marketing talents made it an easy fit, and allowed me to quickly become a skilled and efficient REALTORⓇ, and having a name that’s hard to forget has also made me busy! If that comes with some gentle ribbing, silly misunderstandings and, above all, humour from my colleagues, then I’m happy to share a name with a well-loved crooner.

Above all, I enjoy working with my clients and showing them the best real estate has to offer through passion, commitment and perseverance.

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Dexter Realty

Dexter Realty has an enviable reputation as the company to use to market the most prestigious and expensive residences in Vancouver. This has always been, and will continue to be, an important part of our business. However, it has always been only part of what we do. Dexter’s success is earned in every segment of the market place, by a commitment to customers and clients who wish to buy or sell homes of every kind and price and anywhere in the Lower Mainland. For each buyer or seller, their purchase or sale is of the utmost importance. We feel the same way and demonstrate it by providing the same quality of service to all our customers and clients. Our reputation comes from our clients’ satisfaction. Reputation isn’t something that can be bought.

Integrity, we believe, is what makes the difference. It’s what Dexter is all about. We give you thoroughly researched, objective evaluations of your property – we don’t inflate prices to secure listings. We will present you with all offers – but won’t badger you with unrealistic offers just to make a sale. We will show your property to all qualified buyers – but we won’t flood your home with unsuitable prospects just to impress you. What we will do is focus our energies and experience to help you sell your home for the highest price and with the least inconvenience to you or help you find the home you want at a price you’ll be happy to pay. Integrity has earned us respect. Integrity has built our business.

You won’t get lost in the shuffle at Dexter Realty. With a growing number of Associates, we are big enough to be effective, compact enough to offer lots of personal attention. Dexter Associates live in your neighbourhood and know it well. They will quickly come to know your house as well, or better, then you do. With this knowledge and our experience we can make the fit between the buyer and seller the right fit. Call us with confidence. Enjoy the security and confidence, which comes from dealing with professionals who care.

We are now one of the highest volume Real Estate companies in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. Our success comes from our attention to detail,which includes the following:

- Dexter Realty advertises all its listings every week in the Real Estate Weekly,

  which is delivered to more than 60,000 Westside residences, as well as on the internet, and

  in other publications when appropriate.

- Dexter associates arrange Open Houses for the public at least once every weekend when   


- Dexter Realty actively co-operates with other Real Estate companies, ensuring

  the maximum exposure for your property, and we are present for all showings of property.

We promise you the same commitment, the same effort, the same caring support, the weekly advertising exposure, and the same success whether you are buying or selling a small condominium, a million-dollar plus mansion, or anything in between. It’s the only way we work.


The Best is the Least We Can Do…