Arbutus Ridge

Arbutus Ridge is bounded to the south by 41st Avenue, Puget Drive to the west, 16th Avenue to the north and East Boulevard/Arbutus Street to the east. Arbutus Ridge, as its name implies, is a hillside area with many many spectacular views downtown Vancouver and the North Shore Mountains. Over the years locals have used the names Kerrisdale and Mackenzie Heights, as opposed to Arbutus Ridge, to identify the ridge area south of King Edward Avenue. Arbutus Ridge is surrounded by Dunbar-Southlands to the west, Kitsilano to the north, Shaughnessy to the east and Kerrisdale to the south.

The main shopping/dining area is 41st Avenue and East & West Boulevard, also known as the Kerrisdale shopping area.



South Cambie is a narrow neighbourhood stretching from 16th Avenue in the North, South to 41st Avenue, West to Oak Street and East to Cambie Street. The surrounding neighbourhoods are Riley Park/Little Mountain in the East, Mount Pleasant & Fairview in the North, Shaughnessy in the West and Oakridge in the South. South Cambie, along Oak Street between 33rd and 27th Avenues, is home to many of the city's most popular hospitals, ie. Vancouver General Hospital, British Columbia Children's and Women's Hospital, and St. Vincent Hospital.

In the southern portion of the neighbourhood, Cambie Street becomes a beautiful boulevard with large trees separating the two sides of the road. This is known as the Cambie Heritage Boulevard.

Queen Elizabeth Park is a beautifully maintained 52 hectare (130 acre) park. It is the highest point in the city, at 167m (505 ft) above sea level. From the lookouts, visitors have a 360 degree view of the Vancouver skyline.

Popular shopping areas in South Cambie start at Cambie Street and 16th Avenue, South to King Edward Avenue (25th), and from Oak Street at 16th Avenue, South to King Edward Avenue (25th).


Dunbar / Southlands

Dunbar-Southlands is a unique area that stretches from 16th Avenue in the North to the Fraser River in the South. The western boundary is the University of British Columbia (UBC) Endowment Lands while the eastern boundary varies along several streets. Neighbourhoods surrounding Dunbar-Southlands are: UBC - West, West Point Grey - North, Kerrisdale & Arbutus Ridge - East.

Dunbar-Southlands consists of two very distinct areas. Dunbar, stretching from 16th Avenue South to South West Marine Drive, is a quiet residential area with easy access to downtown Vancouver. Southlands, which stretches from South West Marine Drive to the Fraser River, is an area of flatlands created by the Fraser River's floodplain.  Southlands features many of Vancouver's most popular Private and Public golf courses, popular Garden Centres plus many privately owned horse stables.

The Dunbar-Southlands area features two shopping districts: The first starting at the junction of 16th Avenue and Dunbar Street and stretching South along Dunbar to 30th Avenue, and the second area is around the junction of 41st Avenue and Dunbar Street, with shops along both streets.



The Fairview neighbourhood stretches from False Creek in the North to 16th Avenue in the South. The western boundary is Burrard Street and Cambie Street to the East. The surrounding neighbourhoods are Kitsilano to the West, Shaugnessy and Cambie to the South, Mount Pleasant to the East and the Granville Island- False Creek area to the North.

Fairview is an area blending newer upscale condominiums with the original single family dwellings of the early 1900's. Close proximity to the waterfront and downtown makes makes this neighbourhood a very popular area of the city.


Granville Island / False Creek

Granville island is a magical place and a must see for any visitor to Vancouver. It is considered to be part of downtown Vancouver, along with areas such as Gastown, Chinatown, West End, Stanley Park, Canada Place and Robson Street. All are within a mile of the corners of Georgia and Granville streets the centre of the downtown core of Vancouver.

It is physically connected to the city by a causeway from the south that provides no hint of the treasures that await visitors. Its humble origins are philosophically far removed from what it has become, a sophisticated home to performing arts, art education, dining, artists' studios and workshops, art galleries and a fabulous public market that offers the widest array of fresh local produce and specialty items in the Lower Mainland as well as a favourite place for people to meet, eat and spend some time in a safe and relaxing environment. This popular False Creek/Granville Island area features some of Vancouver's most desirable residential waterfront accommodations as well as very popular shopping attractions. 

The South Granville shopping area, starting at the Granville Bridge and stretching south to 16th Avenue, is very popular with the locals. The eclectic shops along 4th Ave. beckon both residents and visitors from all over the world.



Kerrisdale stretches from Blenheim (west) to Granville Street and Angus Drive (east), and from 41st Avenue (north) to the North Arm of the Fraser River (south).

It is a quiet residential neighbourhood with mainly single family dwellings and pockets of low and high-rise buildings. It is also one of the most desirable neighbourhood because of the convenience in schools, shopping, transit, community center, and parks all within minutes of walking distances.



Kitsilano is a residential area close to the downtown core of Vancouver.
Kitsilano (Kits) is bounded on the north by the waters of English Bay, on the South by 16th Ave, and by Alma and Burrard Streets on the west and east. Kitsilano's Fourth Avenue was the equivalent of San Francisco's famous Haight-Ashbury district. Kits remains vitally unique today, both as a residential as well as desirable shopping and dining area that is close to the downtown core. The neighbourhood is a cross blend of apartment complexes, older heritage homes quiet residential streets and the world famous Kits Beach.



Marpole is located on the north shore of the Fraser River. Its boundaries are 57th Avenue to the South, Angus Drive on the West and Ontario Street to the East. The surrounding neighbourhoods are Kerrisdale to the West, Oakridge to the South and Sunset to the East. Marpole's main shopping/dining area is Granville Street from 59th Avenue south to 73rd Avenue.

Marpole is a cross-blend of older and new single family homes and apartment blocks (mainly south of 70th Avenue.) Featuring multicultural community with service businesses along Granville Street.


Mount Pleasant

The Mount Pleasant neighbourhood stretches from False Creek in the North to 16th Avenue in the South. The western boundary is Cambie and Clarke Drive to the east.

Mount Pleasant is an area blending new and older homes, light industry and educatioanl facilities.

The main shopping areas include West Broadway as well as various areas along Cambie and Main Streets.



Oakridge is located on the Southern slope of Vancouver. The actual community of Oakridge is much more than a shopping centre. Centred on Oak and Cambie Streets, between 41st and 57th Avenues, it is a mature, stable residential community characterized by large lots for single family dwellings with very few highrise condominium. It is named after nearby Oak Street, and sits on the ridge of land that slopes down to the Fraser River. Although Oakridge is a quiet suburban neighbourhood, it is shopping that many people think of when they hear the area's name. Since it opened in 1959 at the corner of 41st and Cambie, Oakridge Shopping Centre has drawn customers from throughout the Lower Mainland.



Shaughnessy extends from 16th Avenue, South to 41st Avenue with Oak and Arbutus Streets as its East and West boundaries. Surrounding neighbourhoods are Kitsilano & Fairview to the North, Arbutus Ridge to the West, Kerrisdale & Oakridge to the South and South Cambie to the East.
Nearby shopping areas are the South Granville district, located South from the Granville Street Bridge to 16th Avenue, and on Oak Street from 15th Avenue South to King Edward Avenue.

Shaughnessy is Vancouver's "grand old neighbourhood." This area was originally developed in the early 1900's. Old Shaughnessy, North of King Edward Avenue, was land granted to the CPR by the federal government as an enticement to extend the railway to the West Coast. The neighbourhood was subsequently extended to areas South of King Edward Avenue in the 1920s.

Many of Vancouver's largest properties are in this area. The magnificent homes are surrounded by wide and winding tree-lined streets and provide a quiet area for a leisurely stroll. A definite favourite for both locals and visitors is VanDusen Botanical Garden, located at 37th and Oak.


West Point Grey

West Point Grey is bounded by the University of British Columbia (UBC) Endowment Lands to the west, English Bay to the north,

Kitsilano to the east and Dunbar-Southlands  to the south. The street boundaries are Blanca (west) - 16th Avenue (south) - Alma Street (east) and the waterfront (north.) West Point Grey is built mainly on a north facing slope and has many wonderful views of the water, downtown Vancouver and the North Shore Mountains. The area includes three of Vancouver's most popular beaches - Jericho Beach, Locarno Beach and Spanish Banks Beach.