Closing Cost For Seller


Lawyer / Notary Fee:

Approximately $250 - $500 including execution of documents, costs of clearing title (including discharge fees charged by encumbrance holders, prepayment penalties), and service charges


Documentation Fee (For Strata Properties Only):

Seller can authorize their agent on their behalf to order strata documents and such documents will be provided to purchaser. Cost of ordering documents from property management company varies from $35 - $200.

Such documents include:

- 2 Years or more of strata council minutes,
- Form B certificate
- recent annual general meeting minutes,
- disclosures statements for new strata,
- strata by-laws, rules & regulations.
- financial statements,
- engineering reports (if available)


Home Inspection Fee : (If applicable)

Approximately $250 - $500


Appraisal Fee: (If applicable)

Approximately $150 - $200


Realtor’s commission:

7% on the first $100,000 and 2.5 % on balance of the sale price; (portion to the agent representing buyer will be 3.255% on the first $100,000 and 1.1625% on balance)


GST on the realtor’s commission:



Cost of Hiring Movers:

Any where between $400 - $2,000 (Higher for larger houses.)